Current Projects

I Am a Thundercloud

Children BOOM, ROAR, CRASH, and CRACKLE like a thundercloud when they are angry. Tense body language, jumbled words, feelings of failure, and a release of emotions turn into a raging storm within the child.


However, it is possible to regain control. By refocusing attention, utilizing mindful breathing, and finding someone to talk to, the child is able to find inner calm.


Like all emotions, feeling anger is a part of being human. I Am a Thundercloud focuses on the arc of anger: Irritability, fury, and rage transitioning into peace and tranquility.

Banana Bread Bandit

Someone took the last piece of gooey, chocolatey, perfect banana bread. It could be anyone in the family. Even the person you least expect...
Body Paws-itive

After a trip to the groomer, Cali the dog thinks that she looks ridiculous.  Follow this sweet pup as she meets confident animals and learns that she is paws-itively perfect the way she is.